9th International Conference on
Terminology and Artificial Intelligence

Institut National des
Langues et Civilisations Orientales, Paris

November 8-10th, 2011

Multilingual terminology at the crossroads


About TIA 2011

It is widely held that we are living in an era in which global communication technology has enabled us to transcend borders and that we are witnessing the advent of a global community. Although this oft-repeated claim is not without foundation, it is also an undeniable reality that one of the greatest obstacles to global communication -- the language barrier -- remains almost intact and manifests itself in every facet of global communication.

Parallel to this, certain trends - which perhaps emerged quite a while ago - have intensified to such an extent that they have become issues of serious concern. One is the fragmentation not only of scientific subjects but also of non-scientific activities, and the accompanying subdivision of communications, even within a single language. For example, mathematicians working on different topics use different terminology sets, and the intersection between the jargon used by gamers and that used by musicians is minimal; even among gamers, different jargons are used depending on the type and genre of the game.

The other is the massively reduced life expectancy of terms in cutting-edge spheres. It is not uncommon to find that a set of terms one learned several years ago is no longer in use.

While multilingual terminology is a well-established research topic, these changes in the environment in which the topic is situated have given it a new dimension and increased the challenges involved in researching it. It is against this backdrop that we chose multilingual aspects of terminology as the central topic for TIA 2011, while at the same time welcoming a broad range of related topics.

TIA 2011 will be the ninth event in the successful series which started out as a predominantly francophone conference, which has promoted text-based terminology. The conference has gradually attracted a wider audience and over the past six years it has grown to be a truly international conference and one of the main international conferences specialised in terminology.

Welcome to TIA 2011!


Papers can address theoretical questions or methodological aspects. Interdisciplinary work which emphasizes the convergence and co-operation of multiple disciplines dealing with terminological issues is welcome.

Papers addressing specific issues linked to the topic of multilingual terminology will be particularly welcome, but we are also soliciting original contributions on any of the following topics with a theoretical, methodological or practical orientation:

  1. Terminology acquisition and management

  2.    term acquisition

  3.    terminology structuring: acquisition of relations

  4.    terms as named entities

  5.    terminology evolution

  6.    terminology evaluation

  7.    multimodal information management in terminology

  1. Terminology and knowledge representation

  2.    ontology construction from terminological resources

  3.    status of linguistic semantics and ontology

  4.    knowledge evolution and terminological dynamics

  1. Terminology for applications

  2.    terminology in industrial applications

  3.    terminology in education

  4.    terminology for human translation

  5.    terminology for machine translation

  6.    terminology for natural language processing